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The virtual office is suitable for the whole education system, from schools to universities. Fast deployment on an existing infrastructure in order to preserve past investments. Pricing adapted to education.

A virtual office for the education system

The virtual office eases communication and collaboration in the education system (inspectors, deans, teachers) at all school levels.

Usage examples: documents publishing and sharing, mailing-lists, etc.

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A virtual office for the class

From the secondary, the virtual office is the daily worktool of learners and teachers.

Usage examples: messaging for learners and teachers, exercises and solutions sharing,transmission of homeworks to the teachers, group homeworks, etc.

Advanced customization

ContactOffice suits the needs of each school and each user type (pupil, student, teacher, dean, etc.).

ContactOffice can be entirely customized: graphics (your logo and look&feel) and features: you set up your own subscriptions by choosing the available tools and capacities associated to each of them (storage for Documents, number of contacts in the Address book, etc.).

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Transparent integration - Easy deployment

Our virtual office perfectly integrates in the school Web site, intranet or extranet. End users don't notice that your virtual office is an external service powered by ContactOffice.

Access to all virtual office tools requires authentication. It can be managed by the school or organization directory (or authentication server).

In the same way, accounts and groups can be created from a directory or an authentication server. In case these are not available in your institution, ContactOffice is responsible for authentication and the initial set-up is carried out from a file containing the accounts and groups to be created.

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