ContactOffice offers several possibilities to access your data on smartphones and tablets.

From the Apps (Mobile synchronization)

You access your e-mails, contacts and calendar through the native apps that are available on your smartphone or tablet. Example: the iPhone calendar. You will thus benefit of all the features included on your device (notifications, etc.).

  • Global synchronization: iPhone, iPad, Android (Samsung, etc.), BlackBerry, Nokia (with Mail For Exchange), any Exchange-capable device. All your devices synchronize with each other thanks to ContactOffice. Available only with a paid subscription. Other: Windows Phone, Windows Mail, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc.
  • Tool synchronization: iPhone, iPad, Android, All devices compatible with IMAP/POP, SMTP, CalDAV, CardDAV.
On the Web

Per i navigatori di rete su palmari o smartphone (Pocket Explorer, Blazer, ecc.) è stato concepito un'interfaccia specifica.

Mobile interface for SmartPhones Mobile interface for SmartPhones Mobile interface for SmartPhones Mobile interface for SmartPhones


You can combine different synchronization possibilities. For instance, you can:

  • Setup global synchronization of your personal data
  • Setup synchronization of a co-worker's calendar
  • Use the Web interface from time to time for specific needs. Example: send an e-mail with an attachment already stored in the Documents.

L'interfaccia WAP offre le opzioni più essenziali per accedere da un cellulare con opzione WAP.


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